Read about the coronavirus prevention measures taken at CSP – CSP


Read about the coronavirus prevention measures taken at CSP

Companhia Siderúrgica do Pecém (CSP) is monitoring and taking action as the new coronavirus pandemic unfolds across the globe. We have put together a Management Committee and are going ahead with a Coronavirus Contingency Plan at our mill. Every day, we are discussing actions and recommendations based on information coming from the Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization, the Ceará State Government, health offices, and other agencies and institutions involved in preventing the disease.

Find below the main measures that we have taken. Most of them apply to and affect not only CSP employees, but the employees of our outsourced companies as well.

Virtually all of the administrative area has been sent to work from home since March. Not only that, the number of on-site workers has been reduced to the minimum required to operate the mill safely during the pandemic peak in our State.

With that, offices, restaurants, transportation and other public areas in the mill can follow social distancing regulations thoroughly.

Employees must use mask the whole time at CSP. From leaving their home, through their work activities and going home, using mask is mandatory. The only time the employee may take the mask off is during meals.

CSP, through its stakeholders, has given masks to all employees and their families living at the same house.

CSP has invested in technology tools to monitor and prevent spreading the virus on the mill. The self-check-up app is available to all employees and third parties. Check-up should be made every day, before leaving to work or before start working. There are four result levels. Two of them guide you to talk to your leader and seek medical support. Results are monitored by the Health and Quality of Life are to make sure we can isolate suspicious cases from the very beginning.

Free Wi-Fi at the mill to monitor the transit of people in buildings and spaces. If we identify a positive case, areas can be cleaned as fast as possible and employees and third parties can be tested.

CSP has used over 6500 tests in more than 1900 employees so far. All employees working at the mill have been tested more than once. We’ll keep testing employees until September and there is a plan to extend tests until December.

Bus drivers take the temperature of all employees at the stops using a distance thermometer. This measure is meant as screening, not as a diagnosis.

Employees are sitting in alternating seats and using an app to mark which bus and seat they are taking. It is a check-in app monitored by our Health and Quality of Life area in order to monitor Covid-19 virus among ours.

Employees are being instructed to keep their distance from coworkers when stepping onto the buses. The number of employees per bus allows this distance to be kept.

At stops and when standing in lines, employees have been instructed to maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters from other coworkers.

Before running the routes, the buses are being thoroughly sanitized.

Air conditioning ducts are being ionized sooner now rather than every six months.

We are also using the thermometers at all of CSP’s access gates on anyone entering the mill. That includes our own personnel as well as third parties, suppliers, and so on.

We are controlling the flow of people walking into the restaurants. The number of seats available was cut down by 50% to comply with the minimum distance between employees.

Employees are being instructed to wash their hands before and after their meals, with an intensive campaign being rolled out in all bathrooms and at wash basins and sinks.

All hygiene habits are being emphasized.

The team of professionals working at the restaurants underwent special training and they are all wearing face masks.

Individual plastic bags to keep masks during the meals and plastic gloves to handle kitchen utensils are being handled in all restaurants.

Faucets, doorknobs, handrails, toilet seats are all being sanitized 6 times a day. Buildings and common areas are being cleaned twice a day.

A supplier has been hired to specifically disinfect health and medical environments at the company.

Hygiene totems have been installed in 74 spaces in the mill, including main buildings, restaurants and public areas with higher people transit.

Domestic and international travel is canceled, as are in-person meetings and on-site training activities. We have also suspended our Visitors Program and other visits in general.

Employees returning from international trips (whether business or discretionary) must self-quarantine at their homes for 14 days before returning to work at the company, if needed.

Employees returning from domestic trips (whether business or discretionary) are also being monitored.

For the time being, only those selective processes and hires that are essential for the company to continue operating are being made. The HR processes are fully virtual now.

All CSP Communication channels, both internal and external, have been made into channels to promote the awareness campaign and provide guidance against coronavirus.

Internally we are using posters, desk displays, TVs, bulletin boards, e-mails, newsletters, in addition to the Corporate Portal, to provide our employees with information and recommendations every day.

For external audiences and third parties, we have also prepared and shared materials to guide and instruct our communities and society at large.

We also invested on intense on site signage, not only to fulfil government requirements, but to use it as frequent reminders of prevention measures and guide our behavior and routines during work hours.

CSP has been working on mental health issues by providing online psychology services, mental health content to employees and group support by phone and Microsoft Teams. We are currently running a mental health internal research in order to evaluate needs and provide better services to our team.