Employees design solar-powered lighting system for ladle cars

Solution makes operation even safer and ensures environmental sustainability.

Innovation is a constant at CSP from the eyes of each of its employees. The desire to deliver their best, ensure everybody is safe, and act efficiently propelled the Railway Transportation – Electrical Maintenance area to work out a solution to a deficiency detected in the rail network’s lighting system.

While ladle cars are equipped with lights of their own, the rail network as well as the entrance to some parts of the mill lack proper lighting. This in turn causes car operators to have a diminished perception of risk. To respond to this demand, employees Gabriel Colares, Jonnathan Santos, Luiz Paulo, Marcos Martins, Gean Costa, Jaime Botelho, and Williames Brasileiro designed a lighting system for ladle cars that uses energy from solar panels.

On top of increasing visibility for operators working the night shifts, the application has the added benefit of not impacting the environment. Another major gain brought about by their project concerns safety aspects. With the new lighting system, night staff will be able to spot any anomalies that might perturb the movement of ladle cars much faster.

To Leonardo Veloso, coordinator of Environment at CSP, this is a very interesting project, particularly from a sustainability perspective since it makes use of renewable power and reduces gas emissions: “Many people don’t know but the very consumption of electricity creates CO2, the gas that causes the greenhouse effect. This project is evidence that at CSP sustainability is something that is in the DNA of our entire operation, and not just a specific sector. All our areas keep an eye out for opportunities,” said an applauding Veloso.