CSP obtains certification to serve the Oil and Natural Gas industry in Brazil

The steel plates of Pecém steel mill are products with 100% local content and meet the conditions required by ANP

Last Wednesday, 01/21/2020, Companhia Siderúrgica do Pecém (CSP) received the Local Content Certification from ANP, which qualifies the Ceará plant to supply steel plates for the Oil and Natural Gas industry in Brazil. The document attests the conformity of CSP’s product to Resolution no. 19/2013 of the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), proving that CSP steel plates are products with 100% local content. This condition is necessary so that concessionaires in the sector, like Petrobras, are sure that the equipment, materials and services contracted by them are in accordance with the percentages of national goods and services required by the Federal Government.

“The recently certifications, such as IATF (Automotive) and ANP (Oil and Gas), as well as ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and 14001 (Environmental Management) recertifications, are part of our strategic planning, reaffirming our mission to make CSP world reference in the steel market ”, highlighted CSP’s Metallurgy and Quality general manager.

CSP was audited on January 13 by a company accredited by ANP as a certification body. Now, CSP is qualified to supply steel to this market, which has a major consumption potential for high technology steel (HTS). In 2020, CSP developed 30 more HTS steels, reaching 117 in total.

Certification sequence

Other important recent certifications were received by the steel mill, expanding its market possibilities. The plant obtained ISO 14,001:2015 recertification. Once again, it attests the company’s commitment to protecting the environment. It was also approved in the audits for the IATF and ISO 9001 certifications. With IATF, CSP can supply steel to the automotive sector in compliance with a series of internal requirements, in addition to having a premium product. On the other hand, ISO 9001 attests to the company’s quality management system, which establishes guidelines for the production of steel, with the aim of making Pecém steel mill a world reference in safety, quality, cost, technological and sustainable development. In addition to these factors, the steel mill from Ceará has another ten certifications.

CSP exports to 25 countries, the main ones in the market in 2020: United States, with 812,592 tonnes (t) of exported steel plates; China (447,087 t), Brazil (409,554 t), Mexico (234,651 t), Turkey (208,495 t) and Canada (202,091 t).