Transparency and ethics to promote mutual trust.Ethics is one of the basic principles at CSP that ensure transparency in our work. Therefore, to encourage a more direct communication with CSP, we created Ombudsman Channels that are available for people both within and outside the company. Through these channels, you can make reports, complaints, suggestions, questions, or compliments anonymously and with complete confidentiality. CSP Ombudsman is guided by the Code of Ethical Conduct of the Company, ensuring impartiality in its activities.
Code of Ethics
Download the CSP Code of Ethics: click here 

CSP’s Code of Ethics, who hasn’t received a satisfactory answer through the company’s regular channels, or who wants to make suggestions, complaints, questions, or reports on issues such as:

  • Workplace discrimination or harassment;
  • Labor relations;
  • Environment, health, and safety;
  • Financial conflicts of interest, frauds, or illegal activities;
  • Illegal use or appropriation of assets or information;
  • Inappropriate business practices.

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Just print it and submit it free of charges at a Correios office.


72801 – CEP 60170-971 – Ag. Meireles – Fortaleza – CE.
Ombudsman mailing address

The Ombudsman channels ensure total anonymity, even where users may wish to identify themselves. Additionally, we ensure strict confidentiality and impartiality in the way the information is treated, analyzed, and filed.