CSP Ombudsman Channel ensures confidentiality and independence in investigating reports – CSP


CSP Ombudsman Channel ensures confidentiality and independence in investigating reports

The means of communication with the Ombudsman Channel underwent changes, but the processes remain the same.

CSP is supported by an independent company that collects information through the Ombudsman channels and shares it subsequently with CSP. In this way, confidentiality and security are guaranteed in the registration and follow-up of reports, complaints and suggestions.
Recently, ICTS – a widely recognized company in the field of consultancy, ethics and compliance, started this service to the CSP. Three channels can be used to register reports, complaints and suggestions. They are:

Electronic form

Just access this Link and fill out the form with some information about your report. Here you can choose to identify yourself or remain anonymous. You can also follow which stage of the investigation is your report or communicate with the Ombudsman team.


You can also register your report by email “ouvidoria@cspecem.com”, where you should list as much information as possible.


If you prefer, you can call the ICTS Contact Center toll free on 0800 591 8827 and register your report.


The Ombudsman is open to receive reports of cases of violation of the Company’s values and ethical principles established in our Code of Ethical Conduct, such as cases of discrimination or harassment in the workplace; conflicts of interest, fraud or unlawful acts; misuse or misappropriation of property or information; inappropriate business practices; and irregularities that impact the inclusive work environment and respect for diversity, the environment, health and safety, among others.
Anyone who feels affected, witnesses or is aware of violations of the company’s internal rules and Code of Ethical Conduct should seek the Ombudsman. The sector’s objective is to promote a healthy work environment at CSP, in addition to being an open channel for dialogue for all audiences.


You must inform the situation that motivates you to seek the CSP Ombudsman Channel. It is important that your report is complete and detailed. Don’t forget to include in the description:

  • What (situation description);
  • Who (name of persons involved, including witnesses);
  • When (date on which the situation happened, happens or will happen);
  • Where (location of the event);
  • Why (the cause or reason);
  • Number of occurrences (if the report occurred previously, in how many opportunities);
  • How much (if it is possible to measure the financial impact);
  • Evidence (if they exist and where they can be found).


To follow up the progress of your report, you will receive a protocol number that will be provided to you after registration.

Users of the Ombudsman Channel are entitled to anonymity, if they choose to do so. The option to identify yourself is important for an objective verification process. Don’t worry because all information is treated confidentially and your identity will be protected. Remembering that the veracity of the information reported is the responsibility of the reporter and CSP does not tolerate the use of the Ombudsman Channel for purposes of disclosing untrue information and/or with defamatory intentions.
Confidentiality, impartiality and exemption in the verification and filing of the transactions carried out is ensured. CSP prohibits any type of retaliation against users who speak to the Ombudsman.