CSP renews 3 certifications: environmental (ISO 14001), management (ISO 9001) and automotive sector (IATF) – CSP


CSP renews 3 certifications: environmental (ISO 14001), management (ISO 9001) and automotive sector (IATF)

For the first time, certifications were integrated, which brought a greater challenge to the company and an even more valuable result


Companhia Siderúrgica do Pecém (CSP) was once again awarded three certifications: ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and IATF, after an audit in a hybrid format (online and in person) held September 20-24. For the first time, rigorous checks on compliance with international standards were carried out in an integrated manner.

The President of CSP highlighted the level of commitment and integration of the employees involved. “One thing that gives me a lot of joy is seeing that everyday life is being the certification process itself, through a strategic conception, understanding where we want to go, the pillars and individual efforts to achieve our goals. This is the result of our work on the company’s behavioral culture, which becomes a key to achieving good results like this”.


Certifications are fundamental for the development of CSP and, to achieve them, systems, products and processes were evaluated. And all of this will be through the analysis of documents, structure and knowledge of employees about the activities they perform and the contributions they make to achieve the company’s goals. Therefore, each employee was fundamental in this achievement, as they are attentive to the values of Safety, Results, Integration, Efficiency and Ethics”, emphasizes the Performance and Management Manager, Valdir Dantas.


The Auditor Marcelo Mendes, from ABS Group, mentioned several highlights at the final meeting, including the fact that management systems have improved, even after this entire period of the Covid-19 pandemic. “The systems could have suffered something, but it didn’t and it actually had significant improvement. They are credits to the top management, management team and the many audits carried out throughout the year”.

Environment, quality and automotive

ISO 14001 attests to the company’s commitment to protecting the environment. The steel company continually invests in the quality of its environmental management system, implementing the best economic and environmental practices, improving its operating systems and controls, promoting training for its employees and suppliers, and ensuring strict environmental monitoring.

ISO 9001 attests to the company’s quality management system, which establishes guidelines for the production of steel, aiming at making the Pecém steelmaker a world reference in safety, quality, cost, technological and sustainable development.

The IATF gives CSP the right to continue supplying steel to the automotive sector, attesting to a number of internal requirements, in addition to having a premium product. Some people already know, but it is always good to remember that the term IATF is a technical specification for quality management systems in the automotive sector, which emphasizes the prevention of defects and the reduction of variations and waste in the supply chain.

Naval Industry and Pressure Vessels

In August, CSP had been approved in an audit to receive Naval recertification and PED AD2000 (Pressure Vessels). These achievements entitle the steelmaker to supply steel plates for application in the Italian shipbuilding market and for the manufacture of pressure vessels in the European market, respectively.

CSP is the first and only steel company in Brazil to produce 300mm steel plates, which are transformed into thick plates for structural use, mainly in the naval industry. In 2020, CSP developed 30 high-tech steels (HTS), reaching 117 in total. Currently, CSP sells more than 300 carbon steels and has the capacity to increase the product mix.

In 2021, the plant received the ANP Local Content Certification, which qualifies the Ceará industry to supply steel plates to the Oil and Natural Gas industry in Brazil. The CSP product also achieved High Technology certifications (Maxion Wheels, Siemens Gamesa, Caterpillar and Scania).