CSP welcomes steelmakers from Brazil, Chile and Argentina for the first in-person Ironmaking Specialists Meeting after two years of online event – CSP


CSP welcomes steelmakers from Brazil, Chile and Argentina for the first in-person Ironmaking Specialists Meeting after two years of online event

Companhia Siderúrgica do Pecém (CSP) hosted the Iron making Specialists Meeting and received professionals from several Latin American steel mills on July 20 and 21.  The meeting, which takes place every four months, provides an exchange of technical information, experiences and networking with the best professionals.  65 people from CSP, ArcelorMittal Monlevade, ArcellorMittal Tubarão, Ternium Brasil, Ternium Argentina, Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional (CSN), Usiminas, Gerdau and Cap Acero (Chile) were present. This is the second time that CSP has hosted the meeting.

The opening was attended by the General Manager of CSP’s Steel Mill, Kleber Beraldo, representing the Production superintendent, Juarez Sigwalt, and by the General Manager of Ironmaking at CSP, Luiz Messias.

“Mutual collaboration between steel mills contributes enormously to the development of the sector and, above all, to the growth of professionals in this very important area in the steel industry that is Ironmaking.  It was an honor for the CSP Ironmaking team to promote the Specialist Meeting, showing the greatness and strength that is our company”, highlighted Messias and added. “The opportunity to see friends and colleagues from national and Latin American steel mills brought us immeasurable joy.  It was also important to notice the growing number of women involved in this wonderful world of the steel industry, which, until recently, did not have much female representation.”


Patrícia Torres Ambrósio, Process Engineer at ArcelorMittal Molevaden, commented that the event is very open and companies, even competitors, exchange information on results, goals and challenges. It is the understanding that the sector can grow together and, in this case, there is no competition, but collaboration.

The meetings are always very interesting. Everyone was missing the contact. We kept the online meeting, but it’s different.  The exchange of experience is much greater in person,” she highlighted.

In addition to the technical part, the two-day conversation with young and experienced professionals in the Ironmaking area is very beneficial”, highlights Daniel Muzzi Limões, Production Engineer for Sinter Feed at Usiminas.

Daniel thought it was important to know the good results and the challenges, so that it is possible to understand similar difficulties and help each other. “Everyone has questions in their daily lives, but it is possible to share expertise in favor of everyone”, he highlighted.


Largest source of alternatives

CSP’s Blast Furnace Specialist, Erik Vieira, conducted the event, which is of great importance to the steelmaking business. “The Specialists Meeting represents the largest source of alternatives that the Ironmaking area of steel mills can provide. It’s a diversity of shared solutions that promote the robustness of contingencies to make the business viable“.

He highlights that he noticed the happiness of those present in every smile, conversation, and presentation. “It was motivating to feel the presence of our friends in our plant.

What is Ironmaking?

Na siderurgia, o processo de Redução consiste na remoção do oxigênio do ferro para ligar-se ao carbono. Até isso acontecer, ocorrem muitos processos químicos e físicos, envolvendo o trabalho de muitas pessoas. Por isso, para fins de classificação de área, considera-se do processo de Redução desde o pátio de matérias-primas (onde são recebidos o minério de ferro, carvão mineral e fundentes) até o Alto-forno, onde ocorre, de fato, a redução para geração do ferro-gusa. O passo seguinte será o processo de aciaria, onde o ferro-gusa se transforma em aço.