New group of the New Talents program meet their managers and start activities – CSP


New group of the New Talents program meet their managers and start activities

Welcome! After the selection process period, 20 New Talents started their activities at Companhia Siderúrgica do Pecém (CSP).  The New Talents program aims to accelerate the career and learning of graduates in certain engineering fields at the first integrated steel plant in the Northeast and one of the most modern steel plant in the world. There were 1,603 applicants for this selection process.

The interview was the most difficult part, because it raised expectations”, reports, with an end-to-end smile, Stéphanie Caroline Araújo Moreira, a Chemical Engineer who will work at the Coke Plant and Gas Treatment Plant (GTP), “My mother who saw the report on the New Talents on television. So I applied for it and it worked,” says the young woman who had previously applied for other jobs at the company.

Stéphanie Caroline Araújo Moreira

The program will last for 18 months, with remuneration compatible with the market, in addition to the benefits: Profit Sharing, Transportation, Meals at the company, Food vouchers, Health and Dental Plan and Life Insurance.

The person who goes to Smelter Maintenance is Kauan Magalhães de Sousa, a recently graduated Electrical Engineer. He came straight from Itapipoca to live in Pecém. “It’s been a whole new experience, but I’m really excited. It was my first selection after college. I found out about the vacancy during a technical visit we made to a company here. I hope to learn and contribute a lot”.

Kauan Magalhães de Sousa

Participants will get to know the CSP business, in addition to having access to mentoring, training and project development, with practical experience in the areas of Operation and Maintenance.

From Caucaia, Tassiana Marinho de Castro, goes to work in Maintenance at the Central Workshop. She was very interested in the program, but reports having little hope of being called. She was very happy with the approval and will combine her work at CSP with her master’s degree, which she had already started.

Tassiana Marinho de Castro

We have a former airline pilot in Energy Mechanical Maintenance. Rodrigo Parente Andrade is a Mechanical Engineer and has had experience in the beverage industry and air taxi. “I found out about the vacancy through CSP’s Linkedin. Every opportunity here I applied.  I heard that I was approved yet in the other work. I had to contain the celebration until the end of the day”, remembers Rodrigo.

Rodrigo Parente Andrade

80% of hiring

In previous CSP programs aimed at recent graduates, 56 professionals have already participated, of which 44 were hired, which means a success rate of almost 80%.  New Talents replaces and expands the scope of the previous program.

Remember the requirements and stages of the selection process:
Degree in Engineering: Metallurgy, Mechanics, Mechatronics, Automation, Computing, Electrical, Electronics, Chemistry, with up to 3 years of training.
​​​​​​​Stages: Curriculum screening, group dynamics, psychological tests and interviews.