Companhia Siderúrgica do Pecém (CSP) holds Excellence Week to reward internal projects – CSP


Companhia Siderúrgica do Pecém (CSP) holds Excellence Week to reward internal projects

The event had 3,326 people attending – in-person and online -, 74 registered projects and a lot of exchange of experiences. Exhibition, multiverse room, outsourced and musical attraction consolidated the great event of the steelworks of Ceará

Employees of Companhia Siderúrgica do Pecém (CSP) participated in an immersive experience of integration, knowledge sharing, strengthening of culture and awards of CSP Initiatives – the internal program for the development of projects to improve work, process and safety. It was CSP 2023 Excellence Week, held from January 30th to February 3rd. There were 3,326 people attending, 74 projects enrolled, and an intense exchange of experiences during the period.

“All of this is what makes us evolve and continue to be different. We managed to bring a huge focus on customers and results, with everyone looking in the same direction. Today we are a reference in product quality, customer service and operation efficiency, based on knowledge, determination, teamwork, vision of the future and continuous improvement, ”said CSP president, Marcelo Botelho.

In addition to the projects presented, the participants were able to learn from lectures by the principal of Escola do Caos, consultant Alberto Roitman; the CEO of Produtive, Rafael Souto; the consultant of Support Service for Micro and Small Enterprises of the State of Ceará (SEBRAE-CE, Serviço de Apoio às Micro e Pequenas Empresas – Ceará), Davi Montefusco; the superintendent of Production, Juarez Sigwalt; the general manager of Reduction, Luiz Messias; and the general manager of Energy, Walcir Rodrigues.

Francisco Jonathan is an operator in the Raw Materials Yard. He lives in Caucaia and joined CSP through the Young Apprentice program. He embraced the mission of presenting a project that was a Positive Example of Reduction. “This experience is amazing because we are able to show a little of our daily routine We always have a new activity to do, and we are always innovating,” he explained.

For Juarez Sigwalt, the Excellence Week exceeded expectations. “This event has a very special meaning for us. It became a legacy. I’ve seen people happy to be here together. I am sure that we have much more strength because we are CSP,” said the Production superintendent.

The people attending were also able to experience immersion in various areas of the company through the You in CSP Virtual Tour, an unforgettable 360º experience. The Excellence Fair took exhibitions on the operation of steel production areas, in addition to receiving 10 suppliers (two per day) from CSP to talk about their activities to the public.


You on the CSP 360º Virtual Tour (your experience will be complete with virtual reality glasses)