Mission, Vision, Management Policy – CSP

Mission, Vision, Management Policy

Business | Steel production for the global market.

Mission | Produce steel in a secure, competitive and sustainable way, taking care of people, promoting regional development and generating value for our customers, suppliers and shareholders.

Drivers | Caring – Colaboration – Communication – Competitive

Vision | Consolidate CSP as a world reference in safety, quality, cost, technological and sustainable development in steel production.




Safety: Life first.

Results: We are comitted to the business results.

Integration: We want to achieve the same goals, together!

Efficiency: We seek simplicity and efficiency at work.

Ethics: We are ethical and respectfull in everything we do.


Management Policy | Quality, Environment, Health and Safety.

CSP – Companhia Siderúrgica do Pecém, together with their leaders and employees, is committed to ensure the quality of its products, maintain the safety and health of people, preserve the environment, meet legal and other requirements associated with its business and provide the necessary resources, and through its management system establishes the following guidelines:

Respect and commitment to life • Take decisive action to avoid incidents, promote safety, health and quality of life of workers.

The satisfaction of customers and shareholders • We place the needs and expectations of our customers and shareholders as a central point of expertise, to meet their requirements.

Promote the regional development • Ensure the company’s social role in the community, acting as one of the catalyst agents of regional development.

Risk Management • CSP aims to identify, eliminate, control and mitigate the risks of its business associated with its strategy, health and safety, the environment and its operations, products and services.

Protect the environment • Promote actions to prevent environmental pollution, keeping proactive focus and attitude, aiming at a sustainable operation throughout the life cycle of our activities.

Develop the competence of employees • Develop programs, training and awareness actions in activities related to quality, environment, safety and health focusing on the desired results.

Continuous improvement • Commit people through the performance objectives management in the pursuit of continuous process and management system improvement to achieve excellence in the results.