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Sponsorship Request

This section is intended for receiving sponsorship requests sent to CSP. Registered projects will compose a bank of ideas which, if selected, will be sponsored by CSP.

Areas of Activity

The CSP will support financially third projects, from sponsoring the actions that comply with one or more aspects below:

  • Line 1 – Environment – Actions / projects that contribute to the environmental sustainability of the region where the CSP and its neighboring communities are located.
  • Line 2 – Socioeconomic development – Actions / projects that promote the growth and social and economic development of the communities neighboring the CSP.
  • Line 3 – Valuing the local culture – Actions / projects that act to rescue, preserve and disseminate the history, memory and culture of communities living in the region of the Industrial and Port Complex of Pecém and Fortaleza.
  • Line 4 – Cultural integration– Actions / projects that promote the integration of Brazilian culture with Korean culture.
  • Line 5 – Culture immersion– Actions / projects that guarantee the experience of the employees and the communities surrounding the CSP to high level cultural actions / events.
  • Line 6 – Innovation – Actions / research projects that contribute to the technical-scientific and practical development of the end activities or activities in the steel segment.
  • Line 7 – Industry, steel– Actions / projects directly linked to the steel and industrial segment.
  • Line 8 – Institutional – Actions / projects related to the areas of institutional and commercial interest of CSP.

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Types of Active

Based on the areas of activity listed above, CSP sponsors the following types of projects:

Events: Fair, expos, congresses, seminars, conferences, business roundtables, awards, and art presentations.

Publications: Yearbooks, catalogues, books, and movies.

Range of Activity

We only accept projects that cover the cities of São Gonçalo do Amarante, Caucaia, and Fortaleza. Other cities in the state of Ceará may be considered if reasonable justification is provided regarding why such a project is required and what the returns for CSP will be.

CSP will not sponsor

• Action organized by municipal, state and/or federal governments;

• Actions organized by employees;

• Any action where the applicants are individuals;

• Institutions whose legal representatives have professional or family connections with CSP;

• Action that do not benefit the collective good;

• Religious events;

• Political events;

• Events that disregard social rights, freedom of expression, and human dignity;

• Actions that may be considered part of the activities related to social projects supported by the company.


Note:A project matching any of the characteristics above will be utomatically xcluded from the sponsorship selection process.


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E-mail: comunicacao@cspecem.com