e-Fornecedores Portal – CSP

e-Fornecedores Portal

Aiming at the constant search for continuous improvement and a secure integration with its suppliers, CSP provides a new strategic tool, the procurement Portal. The e-Fornecedores Portal is a business-to-business purchasing system that uses the Internet and SAP R / 3 Integrated Management software in relation to suppliers.

Transparency in communication, greater security and agility in processes are some of the benefits that our suppliers can count on using the e-Suppliers Portal.

If you are interested in becoming a CSP provider, the first step is to pre-register by accessing the Pre-Registration area.

If you are already our supplier and have access to the Portal, access here the login area of ​​the Portal e-Suppliers.

Doubts? Access here to download the Provider Manual with the guidance on the features available in the tool.