Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – CSP

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 How to become a supplier?
To become a CSP provider, you must first complete the pre-registration form. The information will be stored in a database and, if necessary, the supply department will contact you to proceed and start the supplier qualification process. Once approved, the company is registered in the Vendor List and will be requested according to the demand of the buyers.

After completing the qualification form, can I already provide CSP?
No. After completing and sending the pre-registration, the company is being considered as a candidate to CSP’s supplier. In order to become a registered supplier, the company must undergo a supply qualification process.

How do I access the e-Fornecedores Portal?
If you are not yet our supplier, start the process by Pre-Registration.
If you are our supplier and do not have access to the Portal, please contact the responsible buyer.

I have questions about the functioning of e-Fornecedores Portal. What to do?
You can access our Supplier Manual here that contains instructions for each functionality available on the Portal