Environmental Monitoring – CSP

Environmental Monitoring

Concerned with the air quality and the preservation of water sources in the region where it is installed, CSP has implemented integrated systems for continuous, 24-hour monitoring of the main sources of wastewater atmospheric emissions. These systems increase the data reliability and are used to evaluate the conditions of the industrial processes, the efficiency of the environmental control equipment and the compliance with legal standards.

The atmospheric emission monitoring system allow the accompaniment of the levels of particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, oxygen and flow.

The continuous wastewater monitoring system is used to monitor the concentration of pollutants present in each one of the process effluent treatment plants and the final wastewater treatment, to guarantee the legal attendence.

The control of the continuous monitoring systems is done in both the operational units and the control center of the production planning unit. Employees

Environmental Monitoring of the Region

Since June 2013, CSP has been monitoring the environmental quality of the region in which it is installed, in order to characterize and set up indicators, create and maintain a constantly-updated database, in addition to providing support for assessment of impacts and management of activities. Each Monitoring Program has specific objectives in order to contribute to the company’s compliance with the applicable federal and state legislation.

Here are the main programs:

Wastewater Monitoring Program
Surface Water Monitoring Program
Underground Water Monitoring Program
Emissions monitoring program
Sediment Monitoring Program
Soil Monitoring Program
Noise Level Monitoring Program
Air Quality Monitoring Program