Pre-operation – CSP


Fauna and flora recovery

Sustainability is one of CSP’s main features. Therefore, one of the first actions of the company was the implementation of the Rational Plan for the Rescue of Fauna and Flora, carried out in conjunction with the process of vegetal removal for the construction of the steel plant, in an area of 998 hectares, equivalent to almost 1000 fields of soccer.


The final balance shows 89 species of fauna and 90 of the flora identified, 640,199 seeds of 43 species collected, 320,969 seedlings of native species planted and 6,424 animals rescued. These species are today part of the habitat of the Ecological Station of Pecém and Lagoa do Bolso.


In the case of fauna, the animals rescued in the process of plant suppression were measured and some microchipped for monitoring of the staff from the Ecological Station of Pecém. The action aims to ensure balance in the population dynamics in the area, which has 293 hectares.

Final balance of the fauna and flora recovery

Seeds collected 640,199 (of 43 species)
Seedlings planted 320,969
Fauna species preserved 89
Animals rescued 6,424
Flora species preserved 90



In tune with our position as a green company, CSP recovered 206 hectares of the Pecém Ecological Station, 191 hectares of the company’s internal area, and 15 more hectares of Lagoa do Bolso, totaling 412 hectares reforested with 320,000 seedlings planted. The total area recovered is the equivalent to 412 soccer fields.

Actions geared towards the flora included the implementation of a Forest Nursery opened on June 5, 2013, the World Environment Day. With capacity to produce 300,000 seedlings of native species per year, the nursery occupies a 183-hectare area inside the company’s premises.

In addition, CSP installed a Seed Bank, also known as Germplasm Bank, in the Botanical Park of the State of Ceará in April 2013. The equipment is strategic to conduct research in order to preserve the native species, which in turn potentiates the production of certified seedlings that can be used in reforestation programs.

CSP also installed a xylotheque. In an initiative to value the flora of the state of Ceará, wood discs samples were collected in the region during the process of vegetation removal in the area. Of the 360 ​​samples, 90 were catalogued and integrated into a botanical collection similar to an herbarium, containing information such as collector, origin and description.

Reforestation in numbers:

Where Hectares
Pecém Ecological Station 206
Internal CSP area 191
Lagoa do Bolso 15
Total 412
Total seedlings  320,000


Archaeological survey

Aware that there could be prehistoric and historic materials on its land, CSP entered into a partnership with the Department of Archeology of the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) and led a group of 12 researchers of the institution. Throughout the installation phase, this group took all the planned steps to preserve the cultural heritage of the area: identification of historic-cultural heritage, surface prospecting, intensive subsurface prospecting, archaeological monitoring and rescuing.

As result, indigenous-origin ceramic artifacts were collected and sent to UFPE for studies. This was the last stage of the archaeological survey required by the National Historic and Artistic Heritage Institute of Ceará (IPHAN-CE).