Our Relationship with the Community – CSP

Our Relations with a Community

With a development of structuring nature, since its arrival CSP has undertaken the commitment to effectively contribute to the promotion of a harmonious and sustainable development of the region. Throughout its process of implementation, which began in 2012, it faced several challenges, including its entry in the territory in a responsible and transparent manner, building and maintaining strong and consolidated relationships with the local communities.

With the responsibility of being the first integrated steel plant in the Northeast region (the 30th in the country), CSP has in its DNA a commitment to sustainability, care for people and regional development. The existence of guidelines focused on the social actions promoted by the company are present from its very beginning, in the first studies for environmental licensing, and are consolidated in the current period of transition into the operation of the plant, as stated in its strategic guidance and management policy.

This commitment to the sustainable development of the region where CSP is located is inherent in the culture of our company. In line with this value, the development of a dialogue with neighboring communities is critical to the sustainability of our business.

Thus, we have invested in several initiatives aimed at strategic areas such as social inclusion, promoting citizenship, quality of life, incentive to entrepreneurship and associations and providing support to innovative ideas and solutions.

The total contribution allocated to investments in social responsibility reaches R$ 24 million and benefits approximately 20,000 people directly and indirectly in the cities of São Gonçalo do Amarante and Caucaia.