Idea of People – CSP

Idea of People

This program focuses on the promotion of sustainable regional development in the communities of São Gonçalo do Amarante and Caucaia by encouraging, financing and providing support to the management of social projects and innovative solutions for social inclusion and associations.

The Ideia da Gente (IDG) program periodically releases a notice to receive ideas and proposals for social projects promoted by local non-profit entities. The projects undergo an evaluation process, and the selected projects receive financial support and technical advice to allow for their implementation.

The public notice works with investment lines updated every cycle, according to the context and demands. The projects are classified in popular culture, sport and recreation, and environment and approaches in entrepreneurship and education, considering the characteristics, needs and demands of the region where the steel mill is located..

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IDG Cyclo 1 Cyclo 2 Cyclo 3 Total
Registered entities 96 76 118 342
Selected entities 30 30 30 108
Funded projects 10 9 10 29
Selected projects 8 9 12 29
Direct beneficiaries 505 583 775 1.863
Investments R$ 800 mil R$ 1,1 milhão R$ 1,5 milhão R$ 3,4 milhões

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Check out the projects supported in 3 cycle