Our Operating License was renewed for another six years by Semace

We have had our Operating License renewed for another six years by the Ceará State Environment Superintendence (Semace). The document was signed on May 29 proving all requirements set out in environmental legislations are being complied with.

Our manager of Environment, Marcelo Baltazar, highlighted how much our operational and maintenance staffs endeavor to fulfil all environmental, health, and safety goals related to employees and nearby communities: “Since CSP first began being built and then through the start of operations and the stabilization of our activities, we have been implementing and adhering to all international environmental requirements, which are more stringent than the Brazilian legislation on the matter. It is part of our values to handle natural resources in a responsible and sustainable manner, as is to guarantee the health and safety of our employees and of the people who live near our mill.”

The main obligations required of us by Semace are permanently calibrating all environmental controls and monitoring equipment; maintaining drains clean; maintaining all environmental control systems; and keeping a channel for communication with nearby communities. Our company has been doing all of this.

For more information about environmental matters at CSP, please go to and click on the Sustainability/Environment tab.